07 August, 2016

always something going on

Walking the coastal walk is such an adventure and you never know what you will see.  It changes everyday and it is interesting to see the changes.  The tides keep shifting everything around so what wasn’t there today could be there tomorrow.  Another day, another walk, another discovery and another story.  Today's story

There are so many things to see and do.  Take a walk along the coast and take in its beauty.

Enjoy some family fun in one of the many small beaches and bring some food if you wish.

Maybe you have some chores to do before your day is free.  Once this guy is done cutting the lawn all he has to do is step out of his gate and he is on the coastal walk.   One of the benefits from living right beside the walk.

This little guy is taking in the view which is not a bad way to spend a few or many minutes.  Once satisfied, he'll be on his way.  You can do the same, there are places to sit if that is what you wish to do.  Bring along the things you wish to do, a book, a nook or just sit and look.

If you need to practice playing your music, make sure to bring along your instruments.  People love hearing and listening to music.  These two young girls were playing when I happened to pass them and they sounded great.  Of course it was Celtic music :)

Make sure you have both of your shoes on before you head home.  If not, the tide won't guarantee that they will be there for very long.

And if you were waiting for your ship to come in, well, this could be it.

and finally here is the Sunday Sound

 That's it and have a great day wherever you are!


  1. Nice words and pictures. I like the pair which play the music. I have also many nice experiences from walking the coast. Have a nice day Bill.

  2. Bill, thanks for sharing the sights and sounds of your beautiful area.

  3. Lindas e belas fotografias, gostei.
    Um abraço e bom Domingo.

  4. Super post, William. Fun and funky. And I think if I ever take that walk I'll just leave my shoes on. Is that water warm enough to swim in?

  5. Many people would fail to notice these subtle changes, except perhaps for the cruise liner. Nice that you can take the time to slow down and notice.

  6. I'd take that walk in a heartbeat. It looks perfect. And what a treat to have some live music along the way, too. (I'm surprised to see a cruise ship off your coast. I wonder where it's coming from and where it's going.)

  7. Love it when I hear music while out walking, but it doesn't happen often. When in Santa Fe, NM I would often hear flutes as musicians played in the deserts. How fun to hear it near water and waves.

  8. What a FANTASTIC posting this is!

  9. A foto com as jovens, uma delas tocando violino, é perfeitamente incrível.