21 January, 2016

a fairy door alert in donegal town

We left our house to catch the 11:45 bus to Donegal Town.  It takes about 45 minutes to get there considering all the stops the bus makes.  Donegal Town is where our "local library" is located.  It is open only on Tues and Thurs.  On Thursday it closes at 1 for lunch so once the bus arrives in town, we head right over to the library which is about a 10 minute walk if that.  Got the book and then we headed right to the Bank Walk which is right next to the library.  We usually walk on the trail for about 15 minutes to kill some time before heading off to Aldi to do a bit of grocery shopping.  Once the shopping is done we head back to catch the 1:45 bus back to Killybegs.  We get back home around 2:30  which is great--a nice fast turnaround.

The Abbey Hotel is the bus stop in Donegal Town

 The Abbey Hotel is the drop off location for all buses.  It can be very congested at times when people just park in the area reserved for buses.  Taxis wait across the street in front of the Diamond.  The Diamond is a nice place to eat/relax while you are waiting for your ride as long as it is not raining.
Donegal Town library
 The library is actually in the right section of the building in the photo.

The library is just one small room but you can inter-library loan books and pick them up here if need be.  

 The Bank Walk takes about an hour to walk the whole thing and leads back in to town.  Lot of trees and during the summer it is nice and cool.

A bunch of fairy houses have sprouted up since our last visit. Also a post box on a tree just in case you have something to mail I guess.

One of Shari's pet peeves--misspellings


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    1. I do too. This walk and all the moss around really makes it feel like a fairy environment. It adds to its charm.

  2. Is the mail box legitimate, and is there a regular pick-up? Of course, the fairy houses are enchanting! Love the library; important for all communities to have them!

    1. I don't know if the mail box is legitimate, there are no posted times for pick-up listed. I wouldn't post there just to be safe and it's only a few minutes walk to the centre of town. We haven't been on that walk for a couple of months and none of those things were there then.

    2. it is not legitimate it was originally a box for letters for the fairy's but it was destroyed so someone replaced it
      we were the people whop made the doors and installed it see more pictures on our website

  3. Those fairy doors made me smile! And I love the green moss!