05 November, 2017

not again

what did you do this time, Ralph?


  1. Hello! This makes me laugh since I have six kitty cats!
    Have a great day.

  2. At least Ralph is allowed visitors. 龴ↀ◡ↀ龴

  3. Hi. Cats are curious, I love cats.
    Good Sunday.

  4. I am in and you are out, bad luck for you!

  5. Lol. Great photo and caption, Bill! Have a great day!

  6. I love cats, your caption made me laugh out loud.

  7. A bit of a mystery; what on earth did that poor cat do to be confined and away from a companion?

  8. This is great, Bill. Love your caption. Here's how I see things playing out.

    Ralph: "Could you come a little closer, the guards are listening?"

    Cat #2: "OK, but I don't want to get in trouble and end up where you are!"

    Ralph: "Not to worry, the main guard is a big Tom and he's dumb as catnip. Speaking of which, did you bring me some?"

    Cat #2: I'm sorry. I tried, but then I chickened out."

    Ralph: "Well, did you at least bring me some chicken?"

    Cat #2: "You know, I'm tired of this, you treating me like some sort of servant. I've been a loyal and faithful cat for years and you don't give a fur ball! I think I'll leave you to rot behind those walls."

    Ralph: "Ok, ok...don't get your tail in a knot. Maybe the next time you come you could bring me a couple of the 'Kitty Kat' treats. They're the best. But remember, it's gotta be 'Kitty Kat'
    'cuz there's some imitation stuff called Kit Kat and they won't do. And when I get out I'll take you over to the dumpster on Dumdog Avenue. Good stuff there!

    Cat #2: "Sounds good. See you soon."

    Ralph: "Meooow."

    Cat #2: "Don't overdo it. I've been to the Dumdog dumpster before!

    1. You got me laughing Lowell. Imagination is alive and well. :)

  9. Bravo Lowell! I could not manage to come up with a story like this.
    Looks like they might be good neighbours. Not all the cats in our road are friends :-)

  10. Years later, the cat who would call himself the Count of Feline Cristo would remember this as the first day of his escape efforts.

  11. Never trust anyone called Ralph. Oh... er... sorry Ralph!

  12. oh dear, looks like one is baiting the other :-)

  13. LOL- Ralph looks like a troublemaker to me! Diana

  14. Very funny, Bill! I'm enjoying the laugh.