27 October, 2016

sky road 1

On our second day in Clifden we headed out to walk the Sky Road loop.  The loop for us was about 7 miles round trip.  It does continue on for people who drive or ride a bike but for us walkers it was enough.  We start at the blue door house and take a left.

 Abbey Glen Castle Hotel -- photo taken from the parking lot.  I had to walk down a hill to get there.

a view of Clifden, love those mountains

 the flowers add a nice touch don't you think

sheep and a mini castle like structure

I wonder what the white lady view means.   Could be a residence, business name or both.


 he was the curious one

some views along the way


 a tired looking cow


  1. Wonderful scenery to be enjoyed on the Sky Loop, Bill! Thanks for taking us along!

  2. Fotografias com paisagens rústicas espectaculares.~
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  3. Beautiful sights Bill, 7 miles is quite a workout.

  4. Mystery of White Lady solved. There are two large white markers on the shore one is called White Woman and the other the White Man. They are day time navigation markers, you line them up on the outside of the bay so that you are clear of all hidden rock when coming into Clifden bay. Visible in your photo 11 down.
    For photo of visit http://irishlighthouses.blogspot.ie/2011/02/mystery-lighthouse-clifden-co-galway.html
    One more thing Bill it is quite okay to knock on peoples doors and ask questions about the locality, that way you meet interesting people and might be invited in for tea :-)

    1. Thanks for explaining the White Woman sign. When I passed it, I had no idea what it meant. Also, I'll keep that tip in mind when I'm out and about and will try knocking on a door. You're right, it could lead to a nice cup of tea and a friendly local character. :)

  5. Looks like lovely place, nice pictures.Like "A Heron`s View" wrote, it have to be nice idea to talk with the locals. Few times I asked walking people about some thing, some buildings and once I found really interesting man who narrated me a good story about one interesting place. Have a nice day, Bill

  6. The horses and cow are good company. That mountain view's beautiful!

  7. What a great walk and what great views and what wonderfully interesting places. If I tried to walk 7 miles I'd be collapsed like that cow after the first three blocks! Super post!

  8. Wow, Such views! A lovely place indeed!

  9. My first visit to your blog and a what a lovely coincidence to see Abbey Glen Castle where I stayed when I visited Ireland. (Just had to stay in one castle while I was there!) I loved, loved, loved your country. It's wonderful to see your photos!

  10. Beautiful views. I like the color of that cow!

  11. That was a wonderful invigorating walk!

  12. That area around Clifden is so, so beautiful. But I freely admit those road signs like the one you've pictured were responsible for a lot of baffled driving...and a very long day when I got lost around those beautiful mountains.

  13. That's a long walk but really beautiful!

  14. Eu acho que as flores agradam muito, inclusive os elegantes cavalos.