20 February, 2016

St. Catherine’s Well and Kit’s Castle

These are the 12th and 13th stops on the Heritage Trail.

 The folklore suggests that Christian devotion to this well dated from the 6th century.This valuable source of pure spring water may have decided the original religious community to settle here, thereby founding the first ‘Killybegs’.  Tradition states that a party delivered safe from a raging sea dedicated the well to St Catherine of Alexandria.  November 25th each year is dedicated to St Catherine’s Day, and pilgrims come here, some from great distances, to ‘make the station’.  There is a strong belief in the curative properties of the water, and the well retains its special air of prayerful solitude for all who visit and respect the setting.

Courtesy of the Maritime & Heritage Centre Brochure

 On the hill above St Catherine’s well is the Tower of ‘Kit’s Castle’  The manor house built by bishop Patrick McMonagle around 1355.  Several bishops of the Raphoe diocese lived there.


  1. It looks like a quiet place. Nice done.

  2. Spring Wells often inspire religious gatherings I think Bill, I see the bishops from way back then already abided by the location, location, location rule :)