26 February, 2016

election day 2016

Today it was time to vote.  It was the first time for me since I became a citizen back in 2005.  I got citizenship through descent.  My paternal grandmother was born here in County Galway back in 1870.  I knew she was old, 82 years, when I was born but when I saw what year it was, I was really shocked.  After getting all the necessary paperwork together and sent off to Dublin, I received the congratulatory document saying I was now a citizen of Ireland.

My grandmother never got a chance to vote because Ireland was not a country at that time.  She had come to America around the late 19th century.  At the time of the Rising in 1916, she was in her 50s and settled with a family.  So, it was an honor to vote today with my grandmother in my thoughts.  If only I could sit and talk with her for a bit, I would have lots of questions that I would love to ask.

 This is one of the few photos that I have with my grandmother in it.  aunt Margaret is on the left, my grandmother is in the middle and my dad holding me.  I was her first grandchild.  Eventually my two sisters would join our family.  The photo was taken in 1953.


  1. Nice family memories. Congrats for the first vote.

  2. Congratulations on your citizenship. You might have some Viking blood too? Anyway, nice to see your b/w family image. Good to have good childhood memories even when we are not that young. Greetings from one born in 1958 :)

  3. Congratulations to you! What a wonderful way to honor your grandmother.