26 December, 2016

St. Stephen's Day

St Stephen's Day commemorates the life of St Stephen, an early Christian martyr. It is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland (Wikipedia).   Below is some of the things people do, we just enjoy the day, the cooking has been done so none of that today.  I hope everyone had a lovely and peaceful Christmas.

What Do People Do?
Many people generally spend the day quietly with family members or close friends. Some Christians attend special church services to remember St Stephen's life. Other people may visit a theater to see a pantomime. Pantomimes are musical-comedy productions based on fairy tales and aimed at families. They incorporate audience participation, cross-dressing, double entendre and references to recent local events.
In some parts of Ireland, children go from door to door with a wren (a small bird) in a cage or a model wren on a stick. They may also sing, play music or perform traditional dances. In some areas, boys may dress as girls or women. Many hope to collect money for community or school projects or charity.


  1. ...another holiday that I never heard of. Thanks!

  2. Nice to hear of the traditions in Ireland.
    Have a nice day, Bill!

  3. Looks nice! Today I have posted something "Irish" for you on my blog. :-) Have a nice Boxing Day!

  4. Interesting! I've never heard of that before!

  5. I'd heard of the day before. Here it was Boxing Day.