18 March, 2017

st. patrick's day parade 1

The parade started at 2:30 sharpish.  It was raining and we heard on the radio that a few communities in county Donegal were cancelling their festivities because of rain and gusty winds.  Moville still went ahead with their parade regardless of the rain and wind.  It was a great event in a small rural village, fun for everyone.
I'll be showing more of the parade on Sunday.

a not inflated bouncy castle

 getting ready for the start

 smile now

 the head of the parade going down malin road

saint patrick

pipe band and drummers

 a little humour directed at trump

 cycling for charity

Rosato's float showing that Donegal was named the coolest place on the planet by National Geographic in 2017.  Rosato also mentioned that they could be the coolest pub on the planet.

the sea scouts

 more floats from local businesses


  1. ...I hope that Trump will get over it.

  2. In spite of the rain it looks very festive and a great event to witness! The sea scouts were prepared for it ;)

  3. What a very jolly St Patrick! Lots of smiles and fun!

  4. Oh, the weather was awful, so sad for a parade. But nevertheless you made some pretty pictures!

  5. Stalwart Irish folk would not let the weather affect their mood! Love the Trump sign as well as Saint Patrick!

  6. Oh well done Moville for not letting a bit of wind and rain deter you from having fun, although it was probably a good idea to not blow up the bouncy castle 😀 Bill I love your fourth shot here with all the little ones in their rain jackets advancing down the street, I bet they had a ball!

  7. What great fun and a great parade. I wish I had been there to see. I especially loved that bishop and the wall sign! Looks so cold, though!

  8. Hey Bill, wat jammer van de regen moet toch'n mooi feest zijn.
    Groet Kees.

  9. It looks wet enough that the boat would come in handy!

  10. Too bad about that weather but the fun went on anyway!

  11. Looks lovely even if the weather did not favor.