Thursday, October 27, 2016

sky road 1

On our second day in Clifden we headed out to walk the Sky Road loop.  The loop for us was about 7 miles round trip.  It does continue on for people who drive or ride a bike but for us walkers it was enough.  We start at the blue door house and take a left.

 Abbey Glen Castle Hotel -- photo taken from the parking lot.  I had to walk down a hill to get there.

a view of Clifden, love those mountains

 the flowers add a nice touch don't you think

sheep and a mini castle like structure

I wonder what the white lady view means.   Could be a residence, business name or both.


 he was the curious one

some views along the way


 a tired looking cow

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

beach road 2

As we began our trek up Beach Rd,  these were some of the scenes I saw.   I wondered where this helicopter came from and where it was headed.  The church spire on the left is Christ Church and the one on the right is St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

an early morning flight for this bird

 boats tied up and secured

Some boats along the way


playground for the kids

some wall art on the wall behind the playground.  I never heard of Grace O'Malley so I googled and yes she was real and a very interesting person.

I love this mini wall with the red door.  It doesn't seem to be anything around it and I didn't see if I could go around it but I think it looks great, a kind of rock puzzle.

someone's private entrance.  It looks like it has a red door, my favorite colour.

this is the end of Beach Rd.


the cafe, we didn't go in because we had brought our own food and water for the walk.

Clifden Beach

 the end--I wonder who decided to hang a boot there, I like it!  And now we head back.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

beach road 1

To the left is Beach Road and on the right is Sky Road.   On our first full day here, we walked Beach Road, went to the end and then returned.  It was about 5km (3 miles).  We walked Sky Road the second day.  Beach Road is the starting point for today's photos.

Combined former Methodist chapel and manse, built c.1850.  The building also housed a schoolhouse.  This ornate chapel, with its pointed arched hood mouldings, served a small Wesleyan Methodist community of shopkeepers, policemen and coastguards (1854-1908).  It would be great if this building was renovated.  

no info on this old rusty anchor, like to know the story behind it

This monument is located across from the chapel on Sky Road.  On a sign it reads:  The Celtic cross monument remembers Thomas Whelan, a native of Clifden and member of the Dublin Volunteers.  He was executed in Mountjoy Jail on 14 March 1921 during the War of Independence for the murder in Dublin of a British Officer, despite strong evidence pointing to his innocence.

this is located on the bottom of the monument.

 Royal Nation Lifeboat Station

some of the houses you first see when you begin walking on Beach Road

nice pothole windows

right across the street from the houses

heading out to fish with his best friend

Sunday, October 23, 2016

clifden castle, connemara

seen from Sky Road, Clifden.   It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale story.

Clifden Castle is a ruined manor house west of the town of Clifden in the Connemara region of County Galway, Ireland. It was built c. 1818 for John D'Arcy, the local landowner, in the Gothic Revival style.  Uninhabited after 1894 it fell into disrepair. In 1935, ownership passed to a group of tenants, who were to own it jointly, and it quickly became a ruin.

Info courtesy of Wikipedia