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Morns's Patch - Upper Main Street, Donegal Town.
Arts & Craft Supplies shop, also offers adult crochet & kids sewing and craft classes

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

McGettigan and Sons

We went past this closed butcher shop (closed in 2017) and these signs were on the shop windows.  You see these old shops shutting down because they can't compete.  It's a sad story that is happening everywhere.

One of Donegal’s best-known businesses is set to close as a result of falling sales, more than half a century after it opened.  M McGettigan & Sons butchers is a landmark in Donegal town, where it has traded since 1952. The store was even visited by Prince Charles last year, who was eager to sample the sausages that were named as the best in Europe in 2012.
The shop employs seven people and is run by brothers Ernan and Diarmuid McGettigan, who took over from their father in 1980.
However, the butchers have struggled to compete with low-cost rivals and has now been forced to close as sales fell.
“Small businesses are being interfered with by them and we’re the next ones that have to go. Our father started the business, which is the hardest part about this. We’ve tried everything, we’ve cut costs as much as we can.”
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