04 July, 2020

saturday critters

he obviously has something to say.  :)

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03 July, 2020


came across this guy unloading propane tanks when I was heading to the recycling place yesterday morning.  On the left is a petrol station and that is where the tanks are going.  Not a very exciting sky today but still a sky. :)

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02 July, 2020

McCafferty's Bar & Restaurant

formerly the Bayview Bar now known as McCaffery's Bar & Restaurant.  It is newly painted with a new sign.  There is still work being done inside so I don't know when it will open.

I posted the bar's painters back on 22/6

01 July, 2020

monthly theme - neighborhood

this is my neighborhood and it's only a few minutes walk from home.

some of the houses that are nearby

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